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About the author

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Joe Livingstone.
Tutoring for 9 years.
Ba in Philosophy from the University of York.
Ma in Philosophy from King’s College London.
Examiner for OCR Religious Studies A level.

Private tutoring

My tutoring approach:

I devote a significant amount of time to explaining exactly how to structure and write essays. With sufficient time and attention, essay writing is quite straight forward, yet not understanding how to do essays can really let students down. The truth is, it’s possible to know all of the information in the text book perfectly and yet still fail if essay technique is bad.

I ask students to write essays for homework and I then give clear actionable feedback on how they can take their work to the next grade. As this process continues over time, with hard work, all my students see improvement in their grades.

I now have considerable experience teaching Philosophy and RS which means I know how well a student needs to be doing at each point over the A level course to be on track for their target grade and what revision they need to do if they are not. I don’t just turn up and impart some knowledge and hope the student does well, I make sure they are either on track or know what they have to do to be on track.

£60/hour for online private tutoring.

Contact joelivingstonetutor@outlook.com